360 Video Doorbell Review- Best Ring Video Doorbell of 2020

360 Video Doorbell Review- Best Ring Video Doorbell of 2021

360 Video Doorbell is the Need of everyone because Safety is a top priority, and not everyone can afford a bodyguard or guard. With the rapid development of technology, video doorbell is getting better and better. Although some anti-theft doors will also be installed with peepholes, they are only limited to when you are at home, and the range that peepholes can see is actually It is not very extensive, and it is difficult to see clearly at night when there may be no lights in the corridor, and it is even possible for criminals to observe the situation in their own home through the eyes of a cat.

360 video doorbell

It is precise because Maoyan cannot perfectly solve these problems for us that there is a market for video doorbells. The most famous ones on the market are 360 ​​video doorbell and Xiaomi video doorbell. As the best video doorbell, the functions of these two brands are basically the same. If you like Mijia products, you can choose Xiaomi. If you don’t have a special preference, you can choose between the two brands at will.

360 degree fish eye view

So what can the video doorbell solve for us?

1. Solve the problem of small visual range, and it is difficult to see clearly in the dark at night

At present, these two brands have ultra-clear wide-angle cameras above 160 degrees and night vision infrared lights

2. Solve the trouble that someone is not at home but cannot know when someone presses the doorbell

It can support remote video calls, easily solve the troubles of people visiting, expressing to home but being unable to deal with urgent affairs

3. The most important of course is to better solve the security problem

The video doorbell can detect whether someone is staying outside the door for a long time. When it is detected, it will send an alarm to the APP. Then, if a woman alone is at home, she can choose to change the voice to fully protect her personal safety.

4. With recording function

When someone passes by, the video doorbell’s video recording function will be turned on. When you are free, you can view the recorded video on your mobile phone to avoid missing some guests’ visits.

5. With the function of strong disassembly alarm

360 video doorbell Specification

Some people may be worried that they will be stolen if installed outside the door. The video doorbell will sound a loud alarm when it is forced to demolish. It can effectively deter the thief, even if it is not deterred at the end, but the thief’s face It will also be recorded as evidence to the police, and I believe there should be no such foolishness as a thief.

360 video doorbell Review & Features

There are already many products such as video doorbells and electronic cat eyes on the market. Their functions are all the same, that is, a monitor is installed at the door to take pictures of what is happening outside the door. As an evaluator, ide0007 has also evaluated many such products in the past six months, but the 360 ​​video doorbell that is still used on my door today is still evaluated six months ago. Although it is an early product, it is easy to use, easy to use, practical, and sufficient, which just meets my needs.

So today I take this opportunity to talk about the real experience of the past six months, let’s take a look at why it has become a popular online celebrity.

360 video doorbell view

This 360 video doorbell is an early product. It integrates multiple functions such as electronic doorbell, visual peephole, remote monitoring, video call, identity recognition, ultra-light night vision and ultra-wide angle. Basically meet the daily needs of ordinary users, and I happen to have needs for these functions.

The 360 ​​video doorbell is divided into two parts:

  1. The Host
  2. The Base station,

which perform their duties. The base station has very good signals and loud voices. I am very satisfied with this.

VIEWISE HD 1080P 2MP 360 Degree Security Surveillance Wired Camera 


360 Video Doorbell Features

  • 2MP 360° Panoramic View Dome Camera / 1.7mm Lens Wide Angle
  • 1/2.8″ SONY EXMOR Sensor
  • 4 in 1 (AHD/ TVI / CVI / CVBS)
  • DC 12V

360 Video Doorbell Details

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Final Conclusion

This is the best choice Video doorbell for you if you want to cover a wide area in your house. I would recommend you to go for it.

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